Google Docs may soon offer cloud printing, device syncing

A peek at the source code behind Google Docs by a third-party blog site offers a tantalizing hint of some features that may be around the corner.


The Web site Google Operating System (no relation to Google itself) revealed yesterday that it dug into the source code of Google Docs to find a message that said simply: “Coming soon: Third party applications, cloud printers, and sync devices.”


Cloud printing, which lets you print to any local or shared printer without the need for a print driver, is a feature that Google has teased for awhile. The company has been developing its own Google Cloud print service that would allow Chrome OS users to print documents that are managed on Google’s end and then sent back to a physical printer. Beyond printing to any printer, users could share their own printers with other people around the world, similar to the way they now can share a document itself.

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