5 cloud computing conundrums

With all the attention being paid to both public and private cloud computing these days, it would be easy to believe that it offers a panacea for the woes of every CIO. If only! The reality of designing and implementing a cloud strategy, particularly the public component, is far more complex than any technology vendor or analyst paper would have you believe. Faced with an array of trade-offs, public cloud computing is creating considerable challenges for CIOs and their teams.

Like every new technology paradigm that has come before, cloud computing presents both clear advantages and near-term limitations that need to be addressed ( I deliberately say near-term, as IT innovation has a neat way of figuring stuff out eventually. Sadly, not always when you need it, and certainly not for the benefit of early adopters.)

With the C-suite continuing to apply pressure to get more value from IT and reduce cost, moving technology services into an externally hosted environment or subscribing to an online business solution can be a quick and convenient win. But can a strategy like this be applied successfully in a repeatable fashion without significant trade-offs?

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