Where does Google TV go from here?

Those beautiful Sony television sets featuring Google TV are starting to look a lot like high-priced door stops.


Google TV enables users to view Web sites and Internet video on their home TVs. However, consumers are prevented from accessing content from the four major broadcast networks on the software platform as Fox announced Wednesday it would join ABC, CBS, and NBC in blocking access to their content.


While some Google TV enthusiasts are cautioning people not to panic, noting that Google TV still offers such fare as “The Jersey Shore” and other popular shows from the likes of MTV and Time Warner, the truth is there’s nothing to indicate Viacom, MTV’s parent company, won’t opt out the way Fox did. As for Time Warner, Google TV owners will have access to HBO shows provided one is an HBO paid subscriber. Google said recently it is also working on getting access to Hulu Plus. But again, that’s for Hulu subscribers only.

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