Going once, going twice…$161,600 for that Apple Computer?

If you’re a gadget geek with some spare change–make that a lot of spare change–here’s a golden opportunity to indulge. Later this month the first Apple computer–including a letter signed by none other than Apple co-founder CEO Steve Jobs to the original owner–will go on sale at a famous London auction house.


The Christie’s brochure describes the computer as a “historic relic,” and judging by current technological standards, I suppose that’s an accurate description. Just in case you can’t remember, the Apple-1, introduced in 1976, came without a casing, power supply, keyboard, or monitor. Still, it was enough to turn Apple into a household name as it also was the first personal computer sold with a fully assembled motherboard. Back during those rollicking days of the early personal computer era, most personal computers got sold as self-assembly kits. Based on the standards of that era, this was consumer-friendliness with an underscore.

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