Google Throws the Kitchen Sink at Oracle in Android Java Suit

The legal battle between Oracle and Google just keeps getting better and better.Google has answered Oracle’s amended complaint that Android infringed on Oracle’s Java patents with a wide-ranging defense that includes charges that Oracle doctored code to bolster its case against Google. Google argues that Oracle’s Java patents are invalid and have been misused. And if in fact Android infringes on Oracle’s patents, the blame rests with third-parties who are deploying Android, Google claims. Google seems to be throwing everything at Oracle’s suit in hopes of getting Oracle to settle or to win an outright victory.

The case began when Oracle sued Google over the Android operating system in August, saying the platform infringes on Java technology, which Oracle acquired when it purchased Sun Microsystems. Google claimed that the patents were dedicated to public use, and furthermore, Google’s implementation of Java was built independently and uses its own Dalvik virtual machine. Oracle countered with an amended complaint last month alleging that Google directly copied Oracle’s code. In Google’s latest answer, the company said Oracle creatively edited the code in question to look more damning.

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