Microsoft mocks Apple in new ‘PC and Mac’ ad

So you remember how Apple used to laugh at Microsoft for years and years?

You know, there was that portly chap in the glasses who couldn’t quite get anything right and secretly marveled at Apple’s ability to both be very clever and, well, attract a very high class of sleeping partner?


Well, Microsoft has decided to try its hand at handing it to Apple.

For look what has appeared on the Windows YouTube site. Yes, it’s a Windows 7 “I’m a PC” ad. (Oh, you might call it a video. But to me, everything is an ad, regardless of where it happens to appear.)


Here we have Mac and PC flying on a rocket-plane made out of Andy Warhol’s castoff props. Scarcely has the rocket-plane reached its cruising altitude before the Windows 7 PC shows off its buff new exterior. And, indeed, interior.

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