Google engineer: Raise leaker exposed us to mugging

There are some things about which Google doesn’t comment. However, it is entirely true that many Google employees are human beings with feelings, sometimes even strong ones.


So, though the company itself refused to go into detail after an employee was reportedly fired for leaking news of a $1,000 cash bonus and 10 percent raise for every one of Google’s more than 23,000 employees, there are Googlies who are whispering that they’d like to say something publicly. They’d like some of the internal feelings to be made known.


What else is Technically Incorrect for if not to offer a public service?


While some Google employees offered that they were saddened at the circumstances surrounding what was another, slightly more lucrative, day at the office, others would like certain things to be fully expressed. And I do mean “fully.” And “expressed.”

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