Microsoft taking direct route on Windows Phone updates

Good news for those who were worried about getting bottlenecked roll-outs of system software updates on Windows Phone 7 devices: Microsoft, and not the carriers or the device manufacturers, will be in charge of that duty.


In an e-mail exchange with ZDnet, Microsoft reiterated that it will “push Windows Phone 7 software updates to end users,” while adding that “all Windows Phone 7 devices will be eligible for updates.” These are two very big things that bode well for early adopters of the handset, but also put pressure on Microsoft to keep that promise as the Windows Phone platform ages.


Microsoft’s position is of special interest given the current climate of smartphones system software updates, which up until a few years ago had been either few and far between or nonexistent.


To put the current update landscape in perspective, Apple pushes out what has become an annual update directly to iPhone owners through its iTunes software, instead of through over-the-air carrier updates. Though with its latest OS update, Apple began limiting what features would be available on older models, and even cutting out the original iPhone from getting the newer software.

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