Android gets a multi-browser advantage

The browser wars have extended to mobile devices, and that’s good news for consumers.


Last week, Mozilla released a second Firefox beta for Android. Yesterday, Opera released its first Opera Mobile beta for Android. Neither is ready for prime time, much less used on more than a tiny fraction of phones, but already I see them as a step forward. Regcure


Why? Because now there’s an important new front in the browser wars.

And while that means more stress for browser makers and more testing for Web developers, it holds the potential to dramatically improve browsing for the rest of us.


Today’s browser market on personal computers is on fire. Programmers for all five of the major browsers–Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera in descending order of usage–are working to add major new features to benefit users. Among the biggest changes are performance and a host of new Web technologies.


I don’t expect the mobile browser market to be as fluid and dynamic as the desktop browser market. But I do expect improvements from the competition.

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